Work Methods and Equipment

3D modeling, design, animation
3DS Max is my 3D modeling and animation application of choice. With a market share of over 80%, it is an industry standard for design visualization. For final rendering which requires photo realistic qualities I use V-Ray by Chaos Group. V-Ray produced the kitchen render which you can view on the opening page of my portfolio.

I am capable of producing 3D models from your sketches or photographs. When producing models for items which already exist, such as an aircraft cockpit or control, I prefer to do the photography myself when possible. I have many years of experience photographing subjects for this purpose. Photography used for modeling reference is done with a technique much different than when photographing with the intent of using images directly. This gives me the opportunity to measure and document component sizes and relative spacings accurately. Additionally, it allows me to observe surface material characteristics which can be useful when creating textures for final rendering.

Most of my photography is done digitally with the new Canon 1ds Mark III. This 21 megapixel camera is by far the finest 35mm on the market. Coupled with the highest quality glass available, the images are absolutely stunning. All images are captured directly to a laptop computer and can be viewed instantly. This is an indispensable tool when trying to work collaboratively with clients to achieve the best possible results.

FlashVR Photography
I use the Canon 1ds Mark III along with either the Canon 15mm FE lens or 14mm f/2.8L II lens. I use the 360precision panoramic head for camera alignment. This equipment is far superior to the equipment used in the general realty industry and also produces results which far exceed the final output created by less technologically advanced configurations.

Please contact me if you would like to see full resolution samples of my work. The low resolution images (needed due to bandwidth limitations) within my portfolio are not able to display the full range of detail and color captured by the remarkable Canon sensor.