FlashVR panoramic images offer a level of immersion into an environment which can not be matched by a single static photograph. You truly feel as if you are standing and enjoying a location exactly as it was captured at that moment in time. Incorporated into a website or stand-alone kiosk, these files are great for showcasing shared amenities or interior room options for locations such as hotels and resorts. Panoramic images are created by mounting a camera on a specialized tripod head which places the nodal point of the lens precisely at the pivot point. This allows a photographer to shoot overlapping images free of parallax error. If enough shots are taken to cover an entire 360 x 180 degree area (imagine photographing the entire surface area of a sphere from the inside) then a FlashVR file can be created which allows a user to view a location in any direction. This is done through a process called "stitching" in which the images are precisely aligned, distorted, and blended to create a single image file. The image file is then processed into a FlashVR using special software.

The following files are all of the same scene processed at different resolutions in order to provide a range of download options. The smaller files will load much more quickly; however the larger files will show more detail if you want to "zoom" into the image. Once the images have loaded completely, you can push the far right button to enter full screen mode. Simply click and drag within the view port to look in any direction.

By removing the zenith (straight up shot) and the nadir (straight down shot) a more conventional panoramic image can be created which is suitable for printing. If you look closely you will see that the left and right sides match perfectly. Most conventional panoramic images do not cover this entire range of a full 360 degrees. The size of this image will increase as you increase your window size.

Another fun way to map a 360 degree panoramic image is into a circle!