3D Background
My interest in 3D graphics started when I was a teenager back in the 80's. During this time the Amiga personal computer was one of the few options available capable of handling both 3D graphics and video editing. As a result, my first job was for a company called Intercomputing which sold 3D rendering and video editing solutions based on the Amiga computer. The experience I gained here helped me obtain my first professional 3D graphics and video editing job at Delta Video Productions in the early 90s.

During this time I also pursued an interest in aviation and obtained my private pilots license. My combined graphics and aviation experience led to my employment by Bell Helicopter in 1995. Here I was able to hone my 3D skills by modeling and rendering all types of cockpit instruments, control equipment, and mechanical parts. The final graphics were used by instructional developers and programmers in computer based training for pilots and maintenance personnel.

Concurrently with Bell Helicopter I also worked with a company called TecFilms (and continue to do so) which specializes in video products for the High Technology Industry. Most of my work for Tecfilms has been Aerospace/Military related, most often for Lockheed Martin. You can view some of my work for both Bell Helicopter and Tecfilms in my Portfolio section.

Photography Background
I received most of my formal photography training while working on my associates degree at Northlake College. My first professional experience was doing product photography for my family's wrought iron business - Gaby's Shoppe. Although I've put a few sample images of this work in my portfolio, please visit for more images or the option to download a higher resolution PDF of our product catalog. The catalog will also give you a good sample of my layout and design abilities.

Because of my time at Bell Helicopter (over 6 years) and my general interest in aviation, I've done quite a bit of aviation related photography as well. I have experience shooting cockpit interiors as well as entire aircraft. (on the ground, or in flight)

My most recent interest in photography has led me to shoot both nature and architectural subjects. In the months to come, I expect this to be the fastest growing area within my online portfolio.